7 Ways to Avoid Car Insurance Claims

7 Ways to Avoid Car Insurance Claims
7 Ways to Avoid Car Insurance Claims

Vehicle owners must use insurance. This is because when an accident involves a vehicle, the insurance aims to reimburse costs and provide compensation in accordance with the insurance policy.

However, it turns out that when claiming insurance, not all problems can be handled or insured.

Based on the written statement of Adira Insurance, the claim process must be made by the policyholder's customer to the insurance company through the company's official communication channel.

There are several stages in claiming insurance, namely first:

The insurance company will check the validity of the policy first. If the policy meets the verification requirements and the claim submitted is also in accordance with the contents of the policy, the insurance company will pay the claim to the customer who reports the claim.

However, it turns out that when the insurance claim process often occurs, the insured party is less careful about the policy. Whereas in the policy mentioned various matters related to insurance that will be claimed.

According to Julian Noor, Chief Executive Officer of Adira Insurance, both customers and insurance companies must agree before closing.
For Adira Insurance, if you want to claim via digital or e-claim, this will make it easier for customers to report claims without location and time restrictions.

The tips for car insurance claims run smoothly and are paid by insurance, among others:

  • The customer must avoid matters that are excluded in the policy such as late reporting claims from the reporting deadline, the driver does not have a driving license, reported claims are not guaranteed in the policy, reported claims are included in the exception clause in the policy.
  • Complete claim documents, such as the completed claim form, photocopy of insurance policy, driver's license, vehicle registration certificate, certificate from the police.
  • Vehicles owned by the insured are not used for acts that violate the law.
  • If you have an accident, don't forget to provide evidence by documenting in advance the state of your vehicle after the accident.
  • Pay attention to whether the coverage area is in accordance with the contents of the policy.
  • Do not make damage that occurs is intentional damage by the insured.
  • Understanding the causes of accidents borne before submitting a claim directly, you also need to read clearly about the policies provided by the insurance company.

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