Benefits of i-AMT


i-AMT stands for Intelligent Automated Mechanical Transmission and is available in the Wuling Cortez 1.8 model. This may sound very technical but it's actually quite simple. First of all, most of us already realize that cars are available with manual or automatic transmissions. Cortez and other Wuling cars are available with manuals, so is i-AMT automatic? This article will explain what and how i-AMT works as well as what its benefits are.

What is i-AMT and how does it work?

In short, this transmission is basically a manual transmission that has software or robots attached to it to change gear for you. Where conventional automatic transmission has no grip and is designed from the bottom up as an automatic transmission, the i-AMT is a manual transmission with a traditional grip controlled by a robot instead of your left foot on the clutch. The visual difference between i-AMT and conventional automatic is the position of their gears. Where conventional automatic transmissions have PRNDL / PRND2L / PRNDS (+ -), i-AMT has different RNDS (+ -) in the 'P' position for Park.
Driving an i-AMT transmission is basically the same as conventional automatic driving except when parking. If in a conventional automatic transmission there is a park position, and when parking on a flat surface, you can adjust the lever in the park position and turn off the engine. In i-AMT transmission there is no park position. This means every time you park you have to put your teeth to N to be neutral and always remember to turn on the park or electronic brake buttons to avoid the vehicle moving by itself.

Benefits 1 - Maintenance & Costs

Because i-AMT is basically a manual transmission, maintenance and costs are basically the same as having a manual vehicle, where as we know it is cheaper than conventional automatic transmission. Computer software or robot units that make tooth changes are also units that are durable and require affordable maintenance. Overall when compared to conventional automatic transmissions, operating costs are lower and maintenance work is simpler with i-AMT.

Benefits 2 - Driving comfort and convenience

Having a Wuling Cortez equipped with i-AMT means moving it into the drive and road position. Because most of the big cities in Indonesia are becoming more crowded, playing clutches in your vehicle is tiring. i-AMT on Wuling Cortez is specifically designed to create smooth and smooth gear changes without driver input while always optimizing fuel efficiency especially when in eco mode. Another very convenient benefit of i-AMT in large cities that are crowded is the ability of parallel parking and leaving the vehicle in a neutral state, allowing parking attendants to move your vehicle to give way to other vehicles that will leave the parking space. But when it's not parallel parking in front of other vehicles, always remember to activate the handbrake or electronic brakes before turning off and leaving the vehicle.

Benefits 3 - Performance on Demand

Wuling Cortez which is equipped with i-AMT has two driving modes, eco for maximum fuel efficiency and sport. Activating the sport mode in your Cortez allows you to test the strength of your Cortez when you want it. Sport mode changes gear change settings, allows higher rotation and more aggressive gear changes for more sporty and challenging driving. This mode is best felt on long toll roads or steep and winding mountain roads. For higher performance, the i-AMT Cortez allows you to shift the gears by entering the S (+/-) position. It is important to note that not every conventional automatic transmission gives you this option or feature to shift your own gear. This feature must be tried when driving on steep mountain roads to get the best performance from your Wuling Cortez.


The i-AMT at Wuling Cortez is a technical innovation, which is efficiently designed to give the driver optimal driving comfort and comfort without sacrificing the performance that might be expected from the manual. If you live in a crowded city, this feature must be considered for availability in your Cortez. i-AMT is basically the best of both worlds because it combines manual performance and durability with automatic comfort. This fits every driving condition, and will not damage the bank in terms of operating costs.

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