Stay Healthy While Driving

Did you have time to count how many times you yawned while driving on the way to the office this morning? Drowsiness is a natural effect when your brain lacks oxygen intake during sleep at night, especially if you lack your night's sleep.

If you have free time for about an hour to go to the gym before the office entry time, it will be very good, so your body can be moved actively and the body will be more provoked to carry oxygen to all members of the body, including the brain. When driving, our bodies are forced to be in a sitting position — not infrequently for hours in the congestion of the Capital City. Then how to get rid of drowsiness when driving?

Easy. If you still remember the morning gymnastics movement or have ever taken a yoga class, then some of these movements can be practiced when you drive in a sitting condition. Here are some parts of the body joints that you need to train so as not to strain because you are driving too long:


When driving, of course the view will be more focused facing forward, with the occasional eye shift to the rearview mirror above the head and on the right side of the car. But without realizing it your neck must be tense because it looked too long forwards. All you can do is place your left fingers on the chin, then push it to the right for 10 seconds. Then do the same with your right hand to the left. Then push the chin upwards, so that your eyes can look toward the car's ceiling — do this for 10 seconds.

If so, continue to look to the right and left, also 10 seconds each. If you want to be more exciting, turn on R & B music in your Cortez head unit, and shake your head to the beat of the music. Guaranteed you will immediately refresh again.


same as your neck, your arms can cramp and tense because you hold the steering wheel for too long. You can bend the back of your left hand using the palm of your right hand for about 3-5 seconds, instead, bend the back of your right hand using the palm of your left hand. Then place your right hand fingers on the palm of your left hand, then press firmly for 3 times, and vice versa.
Next, you can bend the elbows of both hands, then push forward. Finally, with your right fist, you can hit your left arm. Don't be too hard, the important thing is that your hands will be massaged. Do the same thing on your right arm.

Lift your right arm, then bend your elbow towards your back and pull your right elbow using your left hand, then count 5 to 10 seconds. And instead bend your left arm in the same way.


The effect of taking too long to sit is definitely your back aches. The solution is to stretch the muscles. Close the fingers of both hands in front of the chest, then turn the palms of both hands pointing up and pull them towards the ceiling of the car. When you do this, your veins and spine will be attracted so that the muscles in them will not tense. It would be great if you were not sitting constantly in the office so that your back muscles continued to be active.

Another thing you can do is to sit up straight, then bend your chest forward until your spine feels pulled forward and upward, back to the upright position, and repeat this activity for 3 to 5 times.


Usually this waist area you feel when you get home from work, due to the buildup of pressure when sitting and rarely moved. So, when in the car try holding the steering wheel to the right using your left hand while holding your right hand on the right hand, then 'break' your waist to the right, and vice versa to the left to balance.

Finally, along with the rhythm of the music, sit up straight and shake your body to the left and right. If your movements are correct, then you will be able to feel both sides of your waist activated.

Make sure the traffic lights are in red condition when you are doing this muscle movement movement and always be aware of the road conditions in front, right, and behind you. Good luck with yoga in the car & always healthy! Drive for a Better Life!


When driving it is very important for us to always keep our bodies healthy, because fatigue while driving can be very dangerous.

for this reason it is advisable to always exercise and keep the body in the best condition when driving.

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