Tips for Caring for a Car's AC to Not Be Damaged Quickly

Tips for Caring for a Car Air Conditioner to Not Be Damaged Quickly
Tips for Caring for a Car Air Conditioner to Not Be Damaged Quickly

Air conditioning in a car is an important feature. Because, the presence of air conditioners will help drive comfort in all weather.

Therefore, regular air conditioning maintenance is very important to do, so that the car's air conditioner can always be in top condition. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners ignore air conditioning maintenance. As a result, the car's air conditioner started to run into trouble, until it became damaged.

Before the car's AC is getting worse, you should need to know the simple tips to take care of your car's air conditioner so it won't break down quickly.

However, there are a number of simple steps that you can do yourself to treat air conditioning. What are those? The following as reported by AstraWorld:

  • Keep the carpet or car floor clean. The cleanliness of the car floor makes the air inside the car cabin clean too. Thus, the AC filter does not work too hard to filter dust and dirt, and also does not get dirty quickly.
  • Time to open the glass before turning on the air conditioner, and use the highest blower rotation. The goal, so that the hot steam inside the cabin quickly comes out and changes. So that the AC works optimally and speeds up the cooling process of the cabin.
  • When traveling long distances, turn the AC off for a while, then turn it on again. The goal is to rest the air conditioner so that it does not constantly cool the car cabin, and avoid freezing the AC line.
  • Clean the AC condenser with water spray. Do this step when washing the car with pressurized water. Aim the water spray into the AC condenser, whose position is directly behind the front grille. A clean condenser makes the air from the air conditioner cool faster.

You can do the simple steps for everyday care. If your car's AC is in trouble, immediately ask for help from the workshop to check and repair it so that the problem does not propagate to other components of the AC system.

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