Tips on traveling by airplane

Tips on traveling by airplane

Traveling by airplane is a little different from traveling using other modes of transportation.

There are several things that are quite different and very strict to be obeyed regarding flight safety.

To make your trip fun with airplanes, here are practical tips on traveling by airplane that you must know.

To use airplane transportation, you first buy an airline ticket through an official air airline or online travel agent that offers many cheap airplane ticket promos. Make sure the passenger name is the same as the passenger's identity such as a passport or passenger ID.

Separate clothes bags with bags of valuables or personal items such as wallets, tablets, laptops, cameras.

Use a carry bag that can be carried to the cabin and never store valuables in a bag that is inserted in the baggage of the aircraft. Because it is very risky to be lost or damaged.

Make sure not to carry dangerous items such as scissors, knives or items that have the potential to be used as weapons such as selfie sticks in bags. Even to bring a drinking bottle into the cabin is limited to not more than 100 milliliters. Except for the benefit of baby milk and baby food.

If you want to bring your own drink bottle, the contents should be emptied first. Use a zipper bag to pack clothes so you can save space in your suitcase or bag. Make sure you carry a universal charger, because in each country there are different electrical plugs.

Before flying, breakfast is recommended first. Come two hours before boarding so you can enjoy the trip without worrying about missing the flight and hurrying to catch up with time. Increase the fluid by drinking water and leaving all your valuables at home so that your trip is calmer.
We recommend using comfortable clothing. Make sure you know the weather at the destination so there is no need to buy clothes if there is a difference in weather. Use footwear that is easy and comfortable to release.

In order for checks at the airport to be more efficient and faster without excessive inspection, avoid using belts, boots, jackets or jackets, hats, chains and other jewelry. These items will slightly hamper your trip, especially when passing the inspection section at the airport.

Some travelers who often go abroad even now have avoided luggage. Because the process of waiting for luggage requires a short amount of time. Sometimes there are also some cases of lost luggage in the trunk, exchanged until the wrong destination luggage to another airport.

Generally now everything is packed more compactly in a bag that can be carried into an aircraft cabin. Make sure the size of the bag carried into the aircraft cabin is not more than 56cm x 36cm x 23 cm.

The weight is only tolerated not more than 7 kilograms. If you can do the packing correctly, sometimes a bag weighing more than 7 kilograms can still pass to get into the aircraft cabin.

that's all the main tips on traveling with an airplane, maybe many other tips but more or less won't be far from what I shared

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