Suzuki Begins to Show Vitara Brezza 2019

Suzuki again showed the appearance of the latest generation of its flagship sport utility vehicle (SUV), Vitara Brezza.

Unlike the previous models, Vitara now comes with a fresher design and a modern appearance.

suzuki vitara brezza

And the price for the Brezza Vitara is estimated at $ 21,249.

Starting from the front, side, and rear sectors, it has been refreshed. The former wide width of the grille is now narrowed, combined with the LED head lamp thinner than before, as well as the bumper and rim models.

Not only outside, the interior sector also received significant changes. Reporting from, Suzuki reloaded the Vitara cabin and provided refresher on the dasbord accents, middle consul, and soft padding material at the top of the instrument.

Not only the display, the latest features in terms of security have also been pinned as standard devices.

Starting from blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane keep assistance, auto braking, and standby collision alerts.

Pedestrian-friendly braking system has also been replaced. Previously using Radar Brake Support (RBS) has now applied Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS).

The difference is that DSBS does not only use radar waves, but also monocular and laser cameras that can detect pedestrians.

This system will immediately carry out the braking function to prevent collisions.

As for power, Suzuki provides two engine choices, namely a 1,000 cc three cylinder powered 109 tk and 1,400 cc turbo-four which can produce power up to 138 tk. Not only that, Suzuki also provides four-wheel drive with a choice of manual and automatic transmission.

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